Annadale Eltingville Staten Island South Shore, New York City.

You may not believe what you see. New York City is not only bricks and cement, but very country like, although small in area, places that you would not think of when you read “New York City”
Below is a 5 minute audio video of two places in this city. Annadale and Eltingville.
I photographed shopping, parks and transportation. No home views, I want to respect the privacy of my neighbors, go to Google for views of houses, or just visit my website for this.
So if you want to see the area that Northfield Bank is in, it’s here.
also you can find more information on King Kullen, Kingdom Pizza, Country Donuts, Duane Read pharmacy, Acadia Pets, Subway, Perkins Restaurant, Windowrama, all in this mall, now around the corner on Richmond Avenue is the YMCA, Bagel Depot, Amboy Locksmith, Eltingville train station, Joyce’s travern, and Pastosa Italian food, just to name a few.
In Annadale you’ll find Carmen’s Restaurant on Barclay Avenue, Blue Heron Park, Annadale Veterinary Clinic, Atlantic Village and of course Appleseed Homes office.
Michael Grimm for Congress,
Michael McMahon congressman, Need more info, please give me a call at 917-696-0275

  1. Kathy Wynn says:

    Hi Ken really enjoyed your video. Keep up the good work

  2. Ken I love your video coverage of your community I especially liked the personal touch when you mentioned how it was when you had young children.

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