Staten Island South Shore house for sale

What a GREAT time for buyers on Staten Island. Whether is Annadale, Eltingville, Great Kills, or any where on Staten Island. Mortgage rates are around 4 1/2% for buyers with good credit, see

Prices have come down, generally speaking for all of Staten Island, about 13% from the high of 2006.

So, the average price (sold) in ’06 was $456,040, and from August 31, 2009 to Sept 1st, 2010 the average sold price was $396,917.

Now there are exceptions of course, I’m just saying average prices. Now combine that price reduction with low mortgage rates and WOW, we should be having a boom market. But we’re not. So, where are all you savvy buyers and what are you waiting for?

Check houses for sale either on my website, or my company’s site, Appleseed Homes.

Here are 2 great buys for starters, 182 Rathbun Ave

And a condo at 920 Armstrong Ave

Better yet, call me today and start your search.


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