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Are you flying your plane backward?

What you say? A plane can actually fly backward? Correct. Take for example a Piper Cub. Small plane, flies around 60 miles an hour. But if the conditions are right, say reduced speed to 40 miles an hour with a 70 mile an hour head wind, the plane will fly backward. The wind will push the plane back. Now here is the interesting part. The passengers will not realize it. The plane is flying nice and you don’t notice unless you look at the gages that the pilot sees.

Now transfer this thought to selling your home.

First question; Are you the pilot or a passenger? Most sellers are the passenger because they are too busy with their work to learn more about something they will only do a few times in their life. Sell their home.

So, if the Realtor (pilot) gets the house on the market (gets the plane airborne) most folks (passengers) are happy with the start. (A successful takeoff)

Now who sets the course? The pilot or the passengers? If the passengers are not taking an active part setting the course, then the pilot must take control. Home sellers, remember you are the passenger and you must set the course. Otherwise you will not know where you will land. If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know if you’ve arrived? Will you just fly until you run out of fuel, and then look for a nice place to set the plane down?

(Setting the course, taking an active roll in the marketing process. Making the house presentable with short notice, making necessary repairs to present the unit at it’s best)

Fuel costs are also a factor. How much does your plane burn per hour?

Maybe the most important single factor. Overpricing your house is like burning fuel, flying around in circles, going nowhere fast. The longer the house is on the market, it looses value, people ask themselves: why hasn’t that house sold yet”?

Do you use the proper fuel. Aviation gas needed here. This would be your marketing program. A high Definition Virtual Tour, an audio/video presentation, Internet marketing to the top web sites, etc.

Is your flight serving meals, or do you need to bring some peanuts along in your pocket in case you get hungry. (Will your Realtor keep the line of communication open and give you updates as the process moves on? Or will you be wondering, what’s going on, I haven’t heard from my Realtor in a while?)

And how about your luggage? Will it be available at the baggage claim when you land? (Will your Realtor pick up and deliver your contracts as needed? Will he/she be present for the home inspection and appraisal?)

So for a safe and smooth flight, and a happy landing, (a successful sale) , fly with the best. (What kind of a record is the firm you’re using have?)

A job well begun, is half done!

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