Water, Water, Water

We all know that water comes in three forms. Vapor, liquid, and solid, (snow and ice). This issue will deal with all three.

Snow and ice can be a problem on your roof. For most roofs, snow is not a problem, unless it’s an excessive amount and the roof structure is not up to present code. Some older homes were constructed with framing that would not pass in today’s standards.

Ice. Ice can build up under the snow when you have the right conditions. It’s called ice dams. An attic with improper insulation can be the problem. When the ice melts, it moistens the wood and that can cause rotting and mold. For both of these conditions, consult a good home improvement contractor or home inspector.

Water. If you get water in your basement when you get heavy rain, you may be able to correct that very simply. First, check the grade of the surface outside. You should have a POSITIVE slope, meaning that the ground slopes AWAY from the house. Next check the downspouts and make sure they have splash guards under them. If all looks ok, and you still get water in your basement, you might need the services of a water proofer.

You might also want to check the sidewalks. If you have any cracks, water will get in there and if cold enough at night, can turn to ice and make the crack worse. Clean out the crack and fill with mortar or caulking.

Don’t forget to check your gutters. Make sure they are clear of leaves and other debris.


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