Staten Island Weather for today

Posted: January 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Sixteen degrees out side, 68 degrees inside. What is the relative humidity of your home INSIDE? You could save some $$ and FEEL more comfortable with the moisture in you home at the right amount. Without overdoing it, adding moisture to the air makes you FEEL warmer. Remember last summer with those dog days with temps in the 90’s? If you see moisture condensing on your windows, you might be adding too much moisture to the air. Get yourself a weather station, 30 dollars or so will do, you don’t need to buy a very expensive unit, this can help you read the moisture levels.

Some homes in winter are dryer than the Sahara Desert. Also your furniture doesn’t like dry air either, and neither does your nasal passages. So add some moisture to your home, save $$ and feel better.


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