Fire Safety

According to, 85% of fire deaths occur in the home.

These are the leading causes.

Kitchen fires.

One third of all fires in houses are related to cooking. In my house, we always unplug the coffee maker and toaster when not in use. If we’re not at home and there’s a malfunction in one of these units, which are under cabinets, a fire could start. Grease from cooking is another problem. Oil or grease can reach high temperatures when heated, and could ignite under the right conditions. When this happened to me, I just put a lid on the pot, shut the flame off and let it die. The one thing you never want to do with an oil or grease fire is to use water to put it out. The hot oil will quickly bring the water to a boil and will make matters worse by spreading the fire.

Smoking in bed.

“Smoking is the leading cause of home fire deaths in the United States.” Quote taken from

Thankfully, more folks are quitting and hopefully the number of deaths will come down. So to avoid this, just smoke outside or quit.

Heating equipment.

When most people think of heating equipment, they think of the main furnace, but what about hot water heaters and clothes dryers? Recently, I cleaned out my clothes dryer vent. It was loaded with lint. This should be done periodically. I was surprised at what I saw. It could ignite a fire under the right conditions. There was such a fire on my block a few years back, so I’m writing from experience. I’ve posted on my website some pictures of a clothes dryer vent that was dangerously heavy with lint.

Read more about it online at my blog. See

You may not believe what you see. More important is what you don’t see. (what’s inside your vent)

There’s just so much I can write here, so for more detailed information please log on to and read up on preventing fires in your home. You may also log on to my website for additional information. Look on the left hand side of my website for informational links.


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