Staten Island Storm Watch, Hurricane Irene

Posted: August 25, 2011 in about staten island
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Staten Island Storm Watch, Hurricane Irene

Now is the time to “Make Ready” for this storm.  Check the link below to see its projected path.

Today is a good day for New Jersey and Coastal New York to check the gutters and downspouts, make sure they are free from debris so water can drain off and away from the house.

Check yard for items that can blow away and maybe blow INTO your windows and cause damage, secure lawn furniture, make sure you have a back up supply of batteries in case you loose power, charge up your cell phone and try NOT to use it, save that power just in case.  My daughter bought me an iWorld emergency charger for my ihone.  It charges my iphone with just one battery.

Don’t be fooled because of the calm before the storm.

You might want to buy a few gallons of water also, “Just in case”.

Add your tips to my comments.  Thanks for reading this and I hope you stay safe.

Also for more up to date news on the hurricane see;  the Weather Channel video

And another good site;

and a “Go bag” see

A job well begun, is half done!


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