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How I sold my last house in 62 Days

Maybe I should title it “How to sell your house in 62 days or less”

First order of business is to determine the best time of day to take photographs.  Then how to use available light with your flash.  Taking several shots of each room from different angles helps to determine the best one for publication.

Next an audio video to explain the “Features” of the house.  Just a quick look at the kitchen for example, you may overlook that it has a skylight and high hat lighting.  A video with an audio description of the room makes certain that the prospective buyer doesn’t miss out on the best features.

While this is taking place, I get a better feeling for the right price for the unit.  Sometimes a quick look can work against the asking price value.  Asking plenty of questions about the property, I aim not to miss special features that buyers are willing to pay extra for, or finding an item that is in need of repair, correcting it BEFORE the unit goes on the market, saving the home owner money on the final sale price.

Next marketing the unit.

Once I put the information into my local “MLS”, Multipal Listing Service, I also post it to over 42 different websites.

If I’m doing an “Open House” I’ll advertise that I’ll be having a lottery drawing of all the prospective buyers who are not represented by a buyer agent.  Prizes may be either a gift album or State lottery cards.

My “For Sale” yard sign gets a light, so the sign lights up for up to 5 hours after sunset so it really stands out in the dark.

And for drive by lookers, I’ll have an audio description broadcast from my “Talking House” radio transmitter they can listen to in their car, just by tuning in to a pre determined station on the AM dial.

I’ll feature the listing in my blog post, both here in Active Rain and also my WordPress blog site.  In each and every post, I’ll insert a QR code so any buyer with an iphone or droid can see all about the unit on my

“High Definition Virtual Tour”.     of 93 Pacific ave.

I’m not done yet.  I make them the “Feature” listing in my Newsletter that I send to 350 neighborhood homes, and I’ll walk the neighborhood talking to the folks promoting the unit.  You never know when someone has a friend or relative looking to move near you.

So, if you can do all of the above, and do it again and again, until you find that buyer looking for your house, you can do it too, in 62 days or less.

If I can help you with your property, please feel free to give me a call.  917-696-0275

A job well begun, is half done!


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Making your house ready for sale.

Tips for starting to market your home.  I’ve made a audio video slide presentation for you.  see;   How to market your home for sale

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