An open letter to every New York State Assembly persons

Posted: September 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

An open letter to every New York State Assembly persons

I’m mad as hell and want answers.  First question:  Who do you work for?  Who sent you to Albany?

Second question:  What have you said about the $103,000, our tax money, that Shelly Silver gave away?

Now is your chance to show the people of New York State where your loyalties lie.  It’s OK to question the actions of the speaker.  Yes I know the consequences, but I’ll ask again, what did we sent you to Albany for?

Will you stand up and fight for us?  Fight for people who are working hard to pay their taxes first, then put food on the table and pay the mortgage second?  I know people like that.

If we stand together we can make New York State a better place, corruption MUST be stopped.  This is your moment to stand out.  Will you take that step for us?  Will you ask the questions that need to be asked?  Will you go to the highest office in the State and demand answers for the people?

I will be watching and asking.


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