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Financially Aggressive Buyers

Recently I listed and sold a short sale property here in Staten Island.  Funny thing about it was that I had 4 buyers, 2 were very aggressive financially.  They kept outbidding each other, until I emailed both the same message.  Please submit your highest and best offer, we can’t keep going on like this.  One of the buyers had his  own Escalation Clause without me saying anything about outbidding the other buyer.  Both were my buyers so there was never an issues with agency.

The funny thing about it was not too long ago I did a post about Escalation Clause in helping my buyer outbid any and all competition.  I received over 90 comments and 2000 views, so it must be a hot topic.

BTW, I sold it in 8 days.


Congressman Michael Grimm, R-NY, speaking with residents of Midland Beach, Staten Island, N.Y. where most folks lost everything due to the hurricane. March 2, 2013