Mr. President, Mr. Governor, Mr. Mayor; Restore our faith in our Government

Posted: June 13, 2013 in about New York

Mr. President,  Mr. Governor, Mr. Mayor; Restore our faith in our Government!

This is an open letter to all who seek public office.  Remember who you work for!  We may not like your ideas and so you may not have our vote, but you need our respect.

All too often we hear empty promises, only to be forgotten after taking office.

Just a few examples;

Social Security will never be taxed, FDR.  promise broken by V.P. Al Gore, and half of the Senate.

Richard Nixon, I’m not a crook

Read my lips, no new taxes;  George HW Bush, promise broken after taking office.

I did not have sex with that women.  Bill Clinton, need I say more.

Mine will be the most transparent administration ever.  Obama.  We are still waiting for answers to;  Fast and FuriousBenghazi, IRS misuse of information, andNSA use of 112 million peoples phone records and more.

Fighting corruption in New York State;  what has Governor Cumo done about the State Assembly leader Sheldon Silver’s actions (using taxpayers money) regarding the sex scandal of one of the Assemblyman in office?

And you want us to trust you with a public office?  No wonder some people don’t vote anymore.

So don’t tell us what you are going to do, tell us what you are not going to do.

How about starting with; you will not raise our taxes, fees, tolls, etc. so as not to make the people who pay the bills want to leave our city, state or Country.

Restore our faith in our government.


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