Who wants to see clutter?

Posted: July 13, 2013 in about staten island

Who wants to see clutter?

Among other things, like toilet seat up, blurry pictures, furniture, dishes on the counter, etc?  Why do folks even take pictures like this?  To me it says;

1- Agent really doesn’t care about giving best service to their client.

2- Agent too busy or too lazy to make unit look it’s best.

3- Agent doesn’t know how to take pictures or uses old cell phone to take them.

4- If were looking for an agent to sell my place, as a consumer, I would not even call them.

Pictures are so important, bad pictures and customers click on the next unit.  How can you sell a place with lousy photos?

Suggestions;  Come back after the cleaning crew has finished cleaning, take photos of the yard after the lawn is cut, look at the sun, if it’s in your face when you take the photo of the front of the house, come back when the sun is at your back.

Take several photos with room lights on and off, use the best or both for full effect.

Get yourself a good camera, it’s tax deductible for Pete’s sake.  Take plenty of pictures and only use the very best.

Sometimes I just wonder,  are you giving the rest of us  bad representation?


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