How can I get a good idea of what my house is worth today

While every house is different is some way, even in tract house development, values of similar units can give you an indication of what you might expect to get in the sale of you unit today.

There are sites on the web that you can go to for this information, but they don’t all have the same criteria in determining value.  So how are you to know what is ballpark and what is really accurate valuations?

The answer is to seek a local Realtor who lives, works and plays in that area. Ask to see recently sold units like yours.  The key here is RECENTLY sold. Values change over time, so while your house might have sold for $500,000 back in 2007, it may not be worth that much today.  Don’t feel bad, one of the very few places that home values have actually increased is in the Washington DC area. Think about that for a minute.  It says that demand is VALUE.  When you buy a unit, you are buying a neighborhood.  You can change anything you want about your house, as long it’s according to local codes, but you can’t do much about your neighborhood.

So, if you want to be really informed about house values, you need to study to trends.  Here is an easy way to do that.

On my website you can sign up to received weekly updates on what is for sale.  You can limit the search to just one zip code to make it local.

Here is the link;  When it opens click on “Market Watch”, follow instructions, and every week you will get an update on the market in your area.


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