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Michael Grimm, Congressman Elect from Staten Island/Brooklyn, 13th district.

For victory speech see video below.

What manner of man is this? Michael Grimm

To know him is to respect him. Forget about all the endorsements from the big names. What do people who trusted their very life to him say? Below are 2 videos from people who know. This is what you can expect from him as your next congressman from the 13th district.

All over town, I’m reading about all the officials who are endorsing Mr. Michael Grimm’s opponent. But when I talk to people, or drive by homes with signs in front, they’re voting for Michael Grimm.
What is it with these officials? They’re not swaying me or the folks.
Just today, while at the Staten Island Board Of Realtors, which some would think is backing Mr. Grimm’s opponent, folks are voting for Michael Grimm.
I think taxes and national defense are the two big issues. Folks are tired of Nancy P., Harry R. and BHO. Mr.s Grimm’s opponent is with these officials which I think will be going into retirement come January 2011.
So, whats your story? What do you see and hear around town? We’d like to know.
BTW, want to know who I like? See photo below.

Michael Grimm endorsed by Kenneth Cole

It’s true, Michael Grimm has been endorsed by Kenneth Cole, now it’s the Kenneth Cole Staten Island Realtor, not the designer Kenneth Cole, Andrew Coumo’s brother-in-law.
Michael’s marine corp experience, FBI service, and his small business experience has impressed this citizen, not only to go public with the endorsement, but to help in his campaign to be elected as our next congressman from Staten Island’s 13th congressional district.Also endorsing Michael Grimm is Former President George HW Bushand New Jersey Gov Chris Christie just to name a few.
Pictured below is Kenneth Cole with Michael Grimm at a function in Annadale on Wednesday 20 Oct 2010

Dateline September 14, 2010, about 10:15 PM, Michael Grimm addresses the crowd gathered at the The Renaissance, 2131 Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island, to thank the volunteers and staff after getting a concession call from his challenger Michael Allegretti.
Endorsed by Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York, John McCain, Senator from Arizona, Sarah Palin, Guy Molinari, former Congressman from Staten Island, and Susan Molinari, also a former Congresswoman from Staten Island.
The challenge now is to beat Michael McMahon in November. Michael was introduced to the crowd by New York City Councilman Vinny Ignizio