Unique photographs for your home or office

Want to have something no one else has hanging on their walls in their home or office?  Then visit my photography website.


You can order any size you want, custom frame it, and it doesn’t even have to be a “print”.

It can be a “Metal Print”, “Canvas print”, or “Acrylic Print”.

See a sample below.

Mama feeding baby chick with copyricht

Prices start at only $22.00


KODAK Digital Still Camera


Tribute in Light, photo of the New York City skyline with the “Tribute In Light” beams shinning as seen from the shore of Staten Island, about 5 miles away.  If you’ve been to New York but missed the display because it’s only for one night of the year, this is a good record of what you missed.  You can have it printed on an iphone case, make greeting cards, or just have a print made for your own personal possession. Without the copyright notice.

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Iphone case

Custom iphone cases.

You can get your own custom iphone case with either artwork or vintage photos from my website.  see;  http://kennethcolephotography.artistwebsites.com/products/world-trade-center-may-2001-kenneth-cole-iphone4-case-cover.html

Maybe you like flowers;  this zinnia in bloom is just one example, see;  http://kennethcolephotography.artistwebsites.com/featured/zinnia-in-bloom-square-kenneth-cole.html

Other topics are availble,  surf the site.http://kennethcolephotography.artistwebsites.com/index.html

Thanks for stopping by.  Kenneth Cole


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Sparrow stops at my backyard feeder for a bit of lunch

bird a croped and ready 1ab squaresee more information here.

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Simple way to get beautiful prints of landscape or flowers for your home or office. Video takes you step by step to a print ready to hang.

My website: fineartamerica.com/kennethcolephotography.html
I can be reached by phone at; 917-696-0275

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The House is not the only consideration when buying real estate

A house is only part of the search when we are relocating. Almost anything about the structure can be changed, but the area is a different story.  When we buy a house, we are buying a community as well.  Here are a few of the things I think we should be looking at when buying a new house.

The street;  do you like the block the house is on?  Are there many units for sale on this street? What does that say?

Transportation;  how important is transportation to job, shopping, schools and parks to you?

Shopping;  What kind of stores are nearby?  Take a look before you buy.

Parks;  Another great area we sometimes overlook.  Take a look below of a park that is nearby to me but I just never got around to enjoy until recently.


A tale of two houses

I’ve heard the phrase “With the internet we wont need Real Estate Agents anymore”

Really?  Well that means Realtors don’t think, have nothing to add to the process, don’t earn their money.

Now for reality.

Not too long ago, my buyer told me “I would not buy that house, no way, no how.  It stinks, trash all over the place, and it’s priced too high”  OK, fair assessment and accurate too.

Deal dies, right?  Without a Realtor, yes, it’s dead.  Internet does not think, has no original thoughts.

Realtor to the rescue.  

Me; Mr. and Mrs buyer, is this house in the area you want to live in?

Buyer; yes.

Me; is it big enought for you?

Buyer;  yes.

Me;  I’ve been watching the price drop, what if I told you that if you got this unit for the price you want to spend, had enought left over to do cosmedic fix ups, made it just the way you like it to look, would you buy it?

Buyer;  yes.

Me;  Let’s take another look.

Buyer; OK

After the second viewing, I get a low offer, but reasonable.

I call the selling agent, make the offer, agent laughs a little.

A week goes buy, selling agent calls me back.

Selling agent;  are your buyers still interested in that house.

Me;  yes.

Selling agent;  SOLD.

Now the buyers had contractors come in, spent about $15,000 and the unit looks like new.

If they were to sell this house today, they would get about $80,000 more then what they paid for it, but that’s not the case, they want to live there.

So, Thank the good Lord for the internet, but also thank Him that he gave us a brain and the will to use it.  Seller is happy, selling agent is happy, buyer is happy, buyers agent is happy.

Happy, happy, happy.