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When visiting New York City, you will be offered many tours.  Great places to photograph the city are not always available on these tours, however many are.  Sometimes you don’t have enough time to take the pictures you want.  That being the case, sometimes you can find the shot you wanted to take but couldn’t, on a photographer’s websites.  I have one of those websites.  See link below.

I often take the same shot at different times of the day, something you can’t do on a tour.  I add new photographs often, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, you can email me and I’ll try to get “That shot” for you.  Here is my email address;, and my professional Photography website is;

Below is my most recent entry. The Statue Of Liberty.

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The link above will take you to my website.  copyright will not be in the picture you purchase.

A nighttime shot from a boat, High ISO, only good for iphone or desktop viewing.  see below;

Lady 5 with white boarder