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Did you know that overpricing a home can backfire on a seller? Here’s why.  Most buyers tell their agent what they can afford and not to show them anything over a certain price. They don’t even look at an overpriced home thinking the sellers will never come down in price. Some buyers may look at an overpriced home but will likely use it as a comparison for other homes.  Then folks by-pass the overpriced unit and buy the correctly priced home. So the unit just sits on the market and goes stale.

When the listing for the home expires, the next agent has a harder time selling it even if it is now priced right.  Folks will ask, “What’s wrong with this house?” knowing only that it’s been on the market for some time and did not sell.  Since it was out of their price range, they didn’t even know what the asking price was when it first listed. Buyers who were looking at the time the home was first put on the market may already be in contract on another home.

To price your property correctly, first call in at least three agents who have signs up in your area.  They are the local experts.  Ask each, “What will you do for me?” and compare.  Then just to be 100% sure, call in an appraiser, who will charge about $400 to get an opinion from someone who has no interest in the sale.  Now you know which agent is more knowledgeable in your area.


 Eltingville Ranch, Staten Island-NY South Shore,

Sold 15 Sept 2011.  Check 189 Seidman Ave, Eltingville for current house for sale, offered by Appleseed Homes and Kenneth Cole

One Family detached Ranch, 3 Bedrooms, 2 baths, hardwood flooring, fireplace, skylights (2), AC, basement rec room, laundry room, garage, and more, Listed at $429,000.  Great area to commute from. X-bus only 2 blocks away on Hyland Blvd. nice walk to the train that goes to the Staten Island Ferry.  Parks and shopping within walking distance.

Very popular area, not many houses for sale.

See Virtual Tour of 93 Pacific Ave.

Tour the area as well as the house by clicking on the picture below;

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Make your house stand out at night, see how I market homes by clicking on the picture below

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Staten Island Homes for sale South Shore
A beautiful Raised Ranch on Pacific Ave, Eltingville, Staten Island, N.Y. Only $479,000
Call me, Kenneth Cole 917-696-0275 for a private showing. 3 Bedrooms, 2 baths, living room with fireplace, many many extras

Check List of Spring Outdoor Maintenance for Homeowners

Start at the top-the roof.
There is on need to climb. Just get a good pair of field glasses and take a look. Check for missing shingles, debris around the chimney and for loose gutters.

Check the siding for gaps of caulking that came off, peeling or blistering paint, tree branches too close to the siding, and trim or call a professional. Mildew can be power washed off and make the siding look like a fresh paint job. Power wash before painting for better adhesion.
Repair loose siding now to save from having additional repair work later. Check the gutters for debris from last fall’s tree droppings, and for loose gutters caused by winter ice dams.

Check caulking and trim. If paint is pealing, repair now.

Now is a good time to look for any cracks before growing plants hide them. While you’re at it, check to see that the ground sloops away from the house and not toward it. This could save you $$$ by preventing water from coming into the basement when we get a heavy summer rain.

Clean up fallen tree twigs and any other wood lying around before termites find out about them and decide your house will be the next place to visit. See my website for more detailed information about termites.

Check the trees around your property, to see if any branches look dead, have no sign of growth, and check to see if you have an insect infestation. Carpenter ants will also make their home in live trees. Termites look for dead wood, like your house framing. Call a professional inspector at least once every few years, just to be sure. They can save you plenty if they find something.

For a more detailed list please see Mr. Jay’s list

Staten Island Open House, South Shore Detached Saturday 1-4, Sunday 12-3
A 4 bedroom 2 Full bath Cape on 40X100 ft. lot.
For details click here.
or see audio video below

or call me at 917-696-0275

Annadale Eltingville Staten Island South Shore, New York City.

You may not believe what you see. New York City is not only bricks and cement, but very country like, although small in area, places that you would not think of when you read “New York City”
Below is a 5 minute audio video of two places in this city. Annadale and Eltingville.
I photographed shopping, parks and transportation. No home views, I want to respect the privacy of my neighbors, go to Google for views of houses, or just visit my website for this.
So if you want to see the area that Northfield Bank is in, it’s here.
also you can find more information on King Kullen, Kingdom Pizza, Country Donuts, Duane Read pharmacy, Acadia Pets, Subway, Perkins Restaurant, Windowrama, all in this mall, now around the corner on Richmond Avenue is the YMCA, Bagel Depot, Amboy Locksmith, Eltingville train station, Joyce’s travern, and Pastosa Italian food, just to name a few.
In Annadale you’ll find Carmen’s Restaurant on Barclay Avenue, Blue Heron Park, Annadale Veterinary Clinic, Atlantic Village and of course Appleseed Homes office.
Michael Grimm for Congress,
Michael McMahon congressman, Need more info, please give me a call at 917-696-0275